Saturday, June 6, 2009

Abba Tribute Band

This is my video of the Abba Tribute band "Abba Alive" who appeared last night in Gympie.

The evening was to benefit Little Haven Palliative Care and Gympie Women's Health Centre. The concert had sold out weeks ago but we scored two tickets from someone who couldn't go. 400 screaming, tipsy women packed into the hall and had themselves a very good time.

They were only selling wine in bottles so I had no choice but to drink an entire bottle of Jacob's Creek sparkling. I promise I won't ever do this again. There's something about whole bottles of champagne that seems to make me very ill. Ill-er than whole bottles of other things, anyway.

I did have a ball. Lots of singing, dancing etc. Yes, I did end up bellydancing on a table. But these things happen. Also went beserk with the camera, shot wayyy too much footage but it was fun.

And I found myself musing that the whole evening had a really good vibe. There was none of the usual competition or bitchiness between women going on, we were all just on an Abba high. The whole thing ended and 400 drunk women went home without a fuss. Meanwhile, we drove past a bunch of men at the pub having a fight on the footpath.

Obviously there's just too much football and not enough Abba at the Royal hotel.

Got to also include this great Abba video of "Why Did It Have To Be Me" - a song that I used to really love from "Arrival" but had almost forgotten. So many memories from that Abba album. And yep, I've always liked guys with beards!


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